"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will have to work till you die" -Warren Buffett

Courses we offer 

FLAP (3.5 hr Foundation course)

validity - 31 days from purchase

Min. 3mbps ideal for video buffering on App

FLAP online is the same as FLAP Classroom. Both courses have the same content. 

As part of our MISSION: Financial Literacy initiative we have kept the cost of the FLAP program extremely nominal at Rs. 1199/-. Furthermore, to spread financial literacy we conduct Free FLAP classroom sessions in Delhi on a regular basis. 

You will Learn:

1. THE ABC of Investing


3. Risk of Investing + Returns one can expect

4. THE BEDROCK OF ALL INVESTING (Extremely important) 

5. When to buy/When to sell 

6. HOW to start Investing (step-by-step)

FLIP (30+ hrs video content)

Avl. on App (Android) only 

FLAP is a mandatory pre-requisite to joining FLIP. For those who want to understand investing in detail. We have designed a 25+ hrs course (video content + supplementary study material). This course has been inspired by Mr. Malhotra's personal investing experience (17 years), MBA-Finance, CFA & CMT courses. The course is 75% Fundamental analysis inspired and 25% Technical analysis inspired. To be eligible for enrolment one must have attended FLAP, either in person or online. 

1. PE Ratio Analysis

2. Personal Financial Planning

3. Alternative Investments 

4. Dow theory

5. How to pick stocks

6. DCF (Business Valuation)

7. Options Trading Strategies (Only for Hedging) 

8. Charting (Technical Analysis)

9. HOW TO BUY /SELL (using demat account)

**Personalised 30 minutes Online/physical meetings with Mr. Varun Malhotra

**All doubts will be cleared in the Q & A forum on Android App

FLIP (online) Course Syllabus + Details

Learn On The Go

Learn How to invest in the stock market anytime, anywhere with our Android App*

*FLAP (3.5HR INTRODUCTORY COURSE) is available only on Android app and  & web (Chrome) NOT on IOS/apple devices yet. 

**FLIP (30+ Hrs Intensive course) is available only on ANDROID

Q & A Forum

All doubts related to the course will be cleared in the Q & A forum, within the app itself. 


Step 1: signup using E-mail and Phone

Step 2: OTP verification 

Step 2: Enrol for Rs. 1199/-

Step 4: Watch the course (Chrome & Android app)

**Please NOTE --FLAP is a mandatory pre-requisite course for joining FLIP (25+ Hrs Intensive Program)


We want to ensure that before you make a judgement about whether FLIP is right for you, you should have the right and opportunity to understand How we 'think' about investing. This can be achieved by attending FLAP. 


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About us

Varun Malhotra

Lead Instructor, Founder

  • 17 years of investing experience. 
  • MBA-Finance - Washington University in St louis, USA and IIM-Ahmedabad. 
  • completed all three levels of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) & CMT (Chartered Market Technician). 
  • He started the Mission : Financial Literacy Initiative to change the investing culture in the country and has been spreading financial literacy since 2011. 
Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
  • For how long do I have access to the FLAP course?

    You have access to the FLAP course for 3 days after purchase. We kindly request you to fully watch the videos during this time. We also recommend using a pen and paper to take notes.

  • Where Do i sign up for the FLIP (25+ hr Intensive course) ?

    Firstly, we hope you are aware that the FLAP (Classroom or Online) is a mandatory pre-requisite for joining the FLIP. You can read all about FLIP course content here http://fliponline.dudaone.com/

  • Why is FLAP Free in Delhi but not Online? 

    As part of our MISSION : FINANCIAL LITERACY initiative, we have kept online course at an extremely low cost for so that people all over india can at least have access to basic financial literacy. Organising FREE seminars in Delhi is just another way of spreading basic financial literacy. Furthermore, if you want us to conduct FLAP at your university, School, college, organisation and clubs etc we are happy to do it for FREE*

    *we request minimum 200 participants. We also request you to cover our travelling expenses.  

  • Can I book a meeting with Mr. Varun Malhotra?

    Yes, you do have the option of meeting with Mr. Varun Malhotra for 30 mins or 1 hr sessions, however, this facility is only for FLIP students. This meeting is also paid and because we usually have a waiting list, we request patience on your part.


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